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The New Captain Underpants Collection (books 1-5)

Reviews 4 Stars
New Captain Underpants Collection

The Blue Sky Press

Author: Dav Pilkey
Package Quantity: 1

The author is Dav Pilkey and the publisher is The Blue Sky Press. This kids book was released on the 1st of August, 2002. The kids book is 128 pages long. The kids book weighs something like 1.6 lbs. Obtain a copy of this kids book, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button below.

It's got FIVE times the action! Now you can have the first FIVE Captain Underpants books in one particular boxed set! Overflowing with humor, action, and that world-famous cheesy animation technique, Flip-O-Rama, this boxed collection will make kids laugh till soda comes out their noses. FIVE times the adventure! Tra-La-Laaaaa! FIVE times the Flip-O-Rama! Have you study your UNDERPANTS these days? Join George and Harold on FIVE hilarious adventures with the amazing Captain Underpants, as they duel Dr. Diaper, tackle the talking toilets, clash employing the crazy cafeteria ladies, plot against Professor Poopypants, and wrestle the wicked Wedgie Woman.


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