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Lenny And Mel After-school Confidential

Reviews 5 Stars
Lenny And Mel Afterschool Confidential

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Author: Erik P. Kraft

Urged by their parents to join an after-school club, twin brothers Lenny and Mel are assigned by the teacher who runs the school newspaper to report on the school's other organizations.
Written by Erik P. Kraft and the publisher is Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing. It was available sometime in July of 2004. The hardcover book is intended for ages 84 months+ and talks about Clubs and it is thought of as awesome fiction. The kids book is 64 pages long and it includes loads of black and white drawings.

The boys are on the school paper, writing about after-school clubs as only they can (" Chess Team."). Fun time or deadly sport? and they write about what really goes on in these clubs. The brothers pose as members in the Glee Club, where they question the which implies of"glee"; Debate Club, where they debate the merits of Mel cleaning his room; and Future Farmers of America, where the future looks bleak.

Details. Are they true. or are they deadly?


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