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The Giggler Treatment

Reviews 4 Stars
Giggler Treatment

Arthur A. Levine Books

Author: Roddy Doyle

Searching for a very good book? Giggler Treatment is a great book! The author is Roddy Doyle and the publisher is Arthur A. Levine Books. This book was available on bookshelves sometime in 2001. The kids book is 112 pages long. It's dimensions are 7.54" Height x 0.3" Length x 5.25" Width and it weighs somewhere around 0.17 lbs. Get a copy of this kids book, click on our store link.

Imagine a wonderfully rude, children's version of"It's a Wonderful Life.) What did he do to deserve this? Is this an accident? (He yelled at his young children unfairly, but actually this was a bit of a misunderstanding."At the beginning inside the tale we have a good man, a caring man, heading for his job as a cookie-taster but also heading for a terrible fate (he's about to step in something smelly ). Working backward, Roddy Doyle spins the hilarious tale of Mr. Mack, his wife Billy Jean, his 3 children Robbie, Jimmy, and Kayla, their dog Rover and, of course, the irrepressible, sometimes hasty, but well-meaning Gigglers.) Can the impending mess be avoided? Who's responsible? (The Gigglers, elfen creatures whose pranks punish wayward adults.

What, you might nicely ask, is the Giggler Treatment? Four words:"Poo on the shoe."Their main occupation in life is generally to appear after children and to punish adults who are mean or unfair to them. Better yet, what precisely is really a Giggler? You won't find out till chapter 6 of Roddy Doyle's The Giggler Treatment, but for those of you who can't wait, here's the answer: Gigglers are"baby-sized and furry. And the Treatment? Their fur changes color as they move."

The Gigglers have always been there. He stomped out in the cave, straight onto a huge lump of prehistoric poo. Unfortunately, they aren't present when Mr. Mack repents. When the youngsters later find out their father is headed into deep doo-doo, it becomes a race against time to conserve him from poo on the shoe. Since the 1st dog did its 1st poo. In his 1st children's book, Roddy Doyle, prize-winning author of such adult fare as Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, The Barrytown Trilogy, and A Star Called Henry, gives free literary rein to his inner kid. This piece of unfairness naturally warrants the Treatment, and so the Gigglers instantly rush next door to collect a walloping great lump of poo from a neighboring Irish wolfhound. Since the initial caveman grunted at his first cavechild. Doyle bases his tale on a dreadful misunderstanding: Mr. Mack, a biscuit tester in a biscuit factory sends his sons to their rooms without having supper for breaking a window. The result may surprise his older readers, but is guaranteed to please the Captain Underpants set with its frequent good-humored references to poo, rudies, bums, and other body parts and functions.

Doyle takes this slightest of plots and piles on plenty of whimsy, from a talking dog to a race across Dublin via the Nile River and the Eiffel Tower. This good-natured romp by way of a comedic territory beloved by children (and more than a quantity of grownups) will surely win the author whole new legions of fans. (Ages 9 and older) --Petra Williams Chapter titles have names like"Chapter Something,"" Another Chapter,"and"The Chapter After the Last One"; there are frequent digressions into topics which includes mountain climbing and the love life of Irish wolfhounds; the illustrations are fun; and there's an amusing glossary at the finish that translates some of the Britishisms (" Plaster--Band Aid. Very beneficial in the occasion you are bleeding to death"). Indeed, it's very unlikely that Mr. Doyle will ever have to worry about falling victim towards the Giggler Treatment himself.


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