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Dav Pilkey; Captain Underpants; Lot Of 10 Children's Chapter Books And Picture Books (adventures Of C. U. ~c. U. And The Attack Of The Talking~c. U. And The Invasion~c. U. And The Perilous Plot~c. U. And The Wrath Of The Wicked~c. U. And The Big, Bad Battle. Part 2~C. U. And The Preposterous~c. U. Extra-crunchy Book O'fun 2~KAT Kong~dogzilla)

Reviews 4 Stars
Dav Pilkey Captain Underpants Lot


Author: Dav Pilkey

Written by Dav Pilkey and it is published by Scholastic. It was available sometime in 1997. Should you need a copy of this book, check out the button.

The Captain Underpants Collection Books 1-4. U. Extra-Crunchy Book o'Fun 2~Kat Kong~Dogzilla Part 2~#8 C. U. and the Preposterous~C. Titles include: #1 Adventures of C. U. ~#2 C. U. and the Attack of the Talking~#3 C. U. and the Invasion~#4 C. U. in addition to the Perilous Plot~#5 C. U. and the Wrath of the Wicked~#7 C. U. and the Big, Bad Battle.


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