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Captain Underpants And The Invasion Of The Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies From Outer Space (and The Subsequent Assault Of The Equally Evil Lunchroom Zombie Nerds)

Reviews 4 Stars
Captain Underpants And The Invasion

The Blue Sky Press

Author: Dav Pilkey

I need to reveal to you this brilliant book titled Captain Underpants And The Invasion . The author is Dav Pilkey and it was published by The Blue Sky Press. This book became available on the 1st of September, 2008. The kids book is 144 pages long. To pick up your own personal copy of this kids book for your child, click on our partners via the add to cart button on this page.

A spectacular particular edition of the third book inside the Captain Underpants series, featuring a magic-motion lenticular cover and a bonus CD-ROM of songs and videos for just $12. This fun-filled Collectors' Edition of George and Harold's third epic adventure is perfect for Captain Underpants fans and for newcomers to the series. This time, the boys join forces with the Waistband Warrior to battle 3 incredibly naughty cafeteria ladies who are actually aliens in disguise! In addition to cool lenticular art that changes when you move the cover, this deluxe hardcover edition consists of an exclusive CD-ROM filled with super-silly songs, music videos, games, and a lot far more! 99.

Hooray for Captain Underpants! And of course you know the trouble-making hypnotists are none other than Jerome Horwitz Elementary School's two most notorious tricksters, George and Harold (" We rule!"). If you've read Dav Pilkey's very first two comic epics, The Adventures of Captain Underpants and Captain Underpants along with all the Attack of the Talking Toilets, you already know the brave Captain is really just crabby old Principal Krupp, hypnotized into becoming the world's greatest superhero every time someone snaps their fingers. Everybody's favorite waistband warrior is back, ready to fight for Truth, Justice, and all that is Pre-Shrunk and Cottony."" Me, too!

Well, George and Harold--surprise, surprise--are at it again. Will they turn everyone in school into evil zombie nerds? um, tentacles in front of Mr. Krupp, and also the energy of wedgies comes towards the rescue once once more. Can George and Harold save the globe before it's too late? Mr. Krupp finds replacements and fast, but he unwittingly hires the tentacled alien trio of Zorx, Klax, and Jennifer in disguise! The cranky lunch ladies quit immediately after George and Harold fool them into baking super-volcanic krispy kupcakes that flood the school with gigantic green globs o' goo. All seems lost till the diabolical Zorx snaps his.


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