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The All New Captain Underpants-extra Crunchy Book O' Fun 2, Vol. 2

Reviews 5 Stars
All New Captain Underpantsextra

Dav Pilkey, Dav Pilkey (Illustrator)

Be certain to get a copy of All New Captain Underpants-extra a magnificent kids book published by Dav Pilkey, Dav Pilkey (Illustrator). The book has 96 pages, click the link below.

You'll LAUGH! Learn how you can draw your favorite characters, tell cheesy jokes, and even make your ouwn silly Captain Underpants story. Best of all, this book includes a brand-new-comic-book adventure starring Captain Underpants, Super Daiper Baby, and also the amazing Diaper Dog! You'll CRY! You'll WET YOUR PANTS WITH JOY when you join George and Harold for more fun'n' games with all the amazing Captain Underpants along with the world's smallest surperhero, Super Diaper Baby.


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