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The Adventures Of Ook And Gluk, Kung-fu Cavemen From The Future (captain Underpants)

Reviews 4 Stars
Adventures Of Ook And Gluk

The Blue Sky Press

Author: Dav Pilkey


The world's most evil corporation of the future invades Caveland, Ohio and enslaves the inhabitants, until a time portal takes Ook and Gluk to the year 2222, where they meet a wise new friend who provides them with the means of saving the day.
You need to pick up a copy of The Adventures Of Ook And Gluk, Kung-fu Cavemen From The Future (captain Underpants) - kung-fu cavemen from the future a fabulous book. Written by Dav Pilkey and the publisher is The Blue Sky Press. This kids book became available on the 1st of May, 2011. The book is concerning Prehistoric peoples and is considered smart comic books, strips, etc. The kids book has 176 pages and it has artwork. The second graphic novel by George Beard and Harold Hutchins, visit the hyperlink below.

Tra-la-laaa! Dav Pilkey--ahem--we mean, George and Harold, the authors of SUPER DIAPER BABY, are back with their second epic novel! Luckily, they find a friend in Master Wong, a martial arts instructor who trains them in the techniques of kung fu. Shiny! Now with super-cool foil covers! The wait is over! Meet Ook and Gluk, the stars of this sensationally silly graphic novel from the creators of Captain Underpants! When Ook, Gluk, and their little dinosaur pal Lily are pulled by way of a time portal to 2222, they discover a future globe that's much more devastated than their really own. It's 500,001 BC, and Ook and Gluk's hometown of Caveland, Ohio, is beneath attack by an evil corporation from the future. Now all they have to full is travel back in time 502,223 years and save the day! Fun!


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